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Tips & Help For Long Distance Moving In Dallas And Throughout Texas

Condor Moving Systems provides local and long-distance relocation services; fully licensed, insured and proud members of The American Moving and Storage Association and Southwest Movers Association. With our extensive experience in the relocation industry we have gathered important tips to help you ensure that your relocation goes smoothly.

When getting a quote make sure you are very detailed on the items that your sales consultant exactly what you are moving, not giving a complete list could end up costing you a lot more than you may have anticipated.

While reviewing your estimate make sure every thing you were promised is listed to avoid any miscommunication.

To help minimize the loss/damage to your shipment make sure to pack all your items in boxes. Items will not be transported unless they are placed in a box. If you don’t have the proper box for your items Condor Moving Systems provides packing services that are in addition to your transportation charges. Always clearly label all your items with you first name, last name and destination state information for example:

John Doe

1245 Main St.
San Jose, CA 95136

Telephone: 123-456-7890

Always make plans to have somewhere comfortable to stay while your shipment is in our possession. Often shipments can take up to 10 business days from the date you’re ready to receive at the destination to be delivered to you; therefore, it’s necessary for you to ensure that you and your family have made proper accommodations. Never ship personal effects that you may immediately need such as work clothes, personal documents and medication etc…

Condor Moving Systems strongly believes that communication is key and by using these tips as a starting point you can be fully prepared for a smooth relocation. For more moving tips please go to our moving tips.

Moving Resources