Piano and Antique Moving in Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas

Special care items such as Pianos, Pool Tables, Grandfather Clocks, and Antiques require proper professional packing and handling to ensure they are properly protected and safely transported during a move. Our professional movers are trained and experienced at handling these items with extreme care, whether you are moving down the street or across the country.

Piano Moving

Condor Moving Systems offers specialized assistance for moving Spinet, Upright, Grand, or Baby Grand Pianos. With our expertise and the right tools and packing materials, we ensure the safe and secure relocation of your piano. Rest assured, we handle your piano with the utmost care throughout the entire moving process.

Your Piano Move Will Include:

  • Removal of legs
  • Extensive use of moving blankets to safeguard the piano body
  • Creation of a custom box for added protection
  • Wrapping of piano parts with moving blankets to prevent any damage
  • Utilization of a piano board to handle the piano body, while loose pieces are secured in part bags or a small box
  • Protection of piano keys with newsprint
  • Use of a 4-wheel dolly to avoid manual handling during transportation

Keep in mind, movers do not retune or cover retuning costs of any piano after it is moved, so please budget for retuning your piano after your relocation. Piano handling and packing charges apply. Please contact your moving consultant for more details.


Pool Table Moving

Condor Moving Systems provides moving services for both slate and non-slate pool tables. To ensure safe transport for moving your pool table our moving service includes:

  • Disassembly of the pool table
  • Packing of the pool

When moving a pool table, it’s crucial to consider whether you intend to keep the existing felt and arrange for table leveling at the destination. If the felt is worn or difficult to remove, re-felting may be necessary, requiring the services of a professional third-party after your move. Please note that Condor Moving Systems does not offer table re-leveling services unless specifically requested, which is facilitated by a third-party vendor. Additional charges for handling and packing may apply. For further information, please reach out to your moving consultant.


Grandfather Clock Moving

Grandfather clocks require special handling and care when moving. Preparing your grandfather clock for safe moving is crucial regardless the distance of your move. To prepare your grandfather clock for moving Condor will:

  • Remove the weights from the clock
  • Wrap the weights with moving blankets
  • Place moving blankets inside the clock to stabilize it
  • Wrap the exterior with bubble wrap and blankets to protect the body

We recommend using the original packing materials for the weights of your grandfather clock if you still have them available. Additional handling and packing charges apply. Please contact your moving consultant for more details.


Antique Moving

Antique moving requires special care and attention, considering the unique value and delicate nature of these items. At Condor, our moving consultants provide personalized packing recommendations and emphasize the importance of crate usage to ensure optimal protection during transit. We require antiques to be professionally packed, declared on the shippers high value declaration form, and clearly marked on the shippers inventory.

Please be sure to inform your sales consultant of any antique items to ensure our movers have the necessary equipment and expertise for safe transport. Additionally, our consultants can provide free estimates for handling bulky items for your relocation.