Have Questions About Office Moving in Dallas, TX & Beyond?

Have Questions About Office Moving in Dallas, TX & Beyond?

Get Expert Advice From Condor Moving Systems’ Office Movers

Since 2003, Condor Moving Systems has been setting the standard for office moving companies in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and surrounding areas in Texas. Below, our highly knowledgeable office movers have taken the time to answer frequently asked questions about local and long-distance office moving. Should you still have a question for our office moving company, please reach out to us directly.

I’m Making My First Office Move. How Can You Help Me Plan?

When you entrust your office move to Condor Moving Systems, we’ll help you customize an office move plan that addresses all of your needs to ensure a seamless transition. Our personal moving consultants will handle everything from creating a moving checklist to selecting the best moving equipment, packing materials, and manpower needed for the job. Our team will take care of all the details before your move and oversee project management with on-site supervision. For the ultimate peace of mind, our company also offers personal concierge services to help you reconnect your utilities at your new office. Be sure to ask about our packing and storage services for the total office moving package.

What Items and Furniture Do Your Office Movers Handle?

Our professional, uniformed movers can help you move everything from your office, including desks, chairs, filing cabinets, wall art, office supplies, plants, lighting fixtures, breakroom appliances, modular furniture, workstations, computers, flat screen monitors and televisions, accessories, and more. Our moving crew can also assist in the preliminary installation of floor, wall, and door covers, including durable Masonite. We can also help you disassemble and reassemble everything once your move is complete. Our exemplary customer service doesn’t stop until your business is up and running again!

Does Your Office Moving Company Offer Moving Estimates?

Yes. Our pre-move consulting services include comprehensive, detailed cost estimates so you can plan your office move accordingly. Our knowledgeable moving consultants will specify what needs to be done, the timeframe for your move, and the total costs involved for moving equipment and manpower when we present our moving proposal to your company. We’ve structured our office moving services in the Dallas area to minimize the costs so we can pass on these savings directly to our customers. Check out our moving coupons for ways to save even more on your next office move.

Does Your Company Offer Short-Term or Long-Term Storage?

If you need delivery downtime when relocating your office, we also offer secure short-term and long-term storage options in our 20,000-square-foot climate-controlled warehouse. If you’re tossing out the old office furniture and investing in new furniture once you relocate, you can take advantage of our storage solutions until you have the time to sell your items to a used furniture dealer or donate them to a local charity. Our short-term and long-term storage solutions are ideal for those who need to relocate in a hurry but who are not ready for the prompt delivery of their items.

Do Your Office Movers Offer Full Packing Services?

Condor Moving Systems offers both partial and full packing services for your convenience. Partial packing is a budget-friendly option if you have some fragile office equipment that you would like our office movers to pack on your behalf. Our full packing services will make your next office move hassle-free. You can rely on our moving experts to decide how many boxes are needed and the best mover-grade packing materials to use. Allowing us to handle your packing gives you time to focus on the other details of your office move, like readying your employees or notifying your customers of your relocation. Depending on how large your office is and how much you have to pack, we usually provide packing services on the day of loading/unloading or the day prior to that. We also offer crate rentals, library carts, and machine carts perfect for your office move.

What Happens if My Company Has Any Last-Minute Changes?

You know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and men going awry. Our moving company strives to remain flexible to accommodate any last-minute changes in your office moving plans. Thanks to our many years of expertise in the moving industry and vast network of resources, we can ensure your office move goes off without a hitch, no matter what obstacles we must overcome.

Do You Offer Moving Services After-Hours or on Weekends?

Yes, we customize our office moving services entirely to your needs to make the process as hassle-free as possible with minimal disruption to your business operations. Many of our corporate customers prefer us to move them after-hours or on the weekend to minimize business or employee downtime.

How Do You Know Where to Put the Furniture in the New Office?

During the pre-move consulting process, we will set up a labeling system to identify where you would like the furniture to be set up in your new location. Careful labeling and planning allow us to execute the most efficient office moves by eliminating much of the guesswork involved.

Are Your Office Movers Trained to Handle Sensitive Materials?

Condor Moving Systems maintains one of the best-trained moving crews in the business. We do not use any casual or pick-up labor. Every member of our team has undergone our thorough training program to ensure the best moving and packing techniques are utilized every time, even when special care items need to be moved. For your peace of mind, our office movers can blanket wrap all furniture with heavy-duty moving pads. Our office movers are also trained to transport classified, sensitive office materials following unique security protocols, depending on your specific needs.

How Should I Get Ready for My Upcoming Office Move?

If this is your first time planning an office relocation, you likely have many questions and concerns. You may view our Ready to Move guidelines to familiarize yourself with your rights and responsibilities when you move. Whether you’re moving across town or out of the state, our moving blogs are full of helpful tips for local and long-distance moves of all sizes. You may also go over our moving checklist during your consultation to ensure you don’t miss any major milestones in the prepping stages. Our office moving company also provides numerous resources, including useful links, to make your move a pleasant one.

Why Choose Condor Moving Systems for Office Moves?

Our Dallas office moving company’s motto is, “Moving Anyone Anywhere.” Whether you’re moving a small office of five across town or a larger office of 50+ employees across the state, we will meet or exceed your expectations. We specialize in streamlining office moves to minimize your company’s downtime. Our standard moving trucks are larger than that of our competitors, so we take fewer trips to perform your office move. Our company is fully licensed and insured, with two of the industry’s highest personal concierge services to our credit. We’re proud to be a ProMover through the American Moving and Storage Association and a Pinnacle Mover through the Southwest Movers Association. We’re dedicated to hiring the most professional, reliable office movers in the industry. You can count on us to be there for you before, during, and even after your office move with our exceptional post-move support. View our reviews to see why our local and long-distance office moving services come so highly recommended.

What Happens if Items Are Lost or Damaged During Moving?

Many moving companies require you to be responsible for obtaining third-party insurance coverage to replace lost or damaged items. However, Condor Moving Systems offers several in-house moving coverage options to ensure you get the right coverage and peace of mind. You can obtain minimal protection under our Release Value option, which settles claims based on the weight of the article multiplied by 60 cents per pound. We also provide Full Value Protection coverage for long-distance moves only, which has a coverage minimum of $15,000 and a $500 deductible. Be sure to discuss your moving coverage options prior to your office move, as you cannot change your coverage option once we’ve begun to load your shipment. Should you need to file a claim, be sure to do so as soon as possible.

Do You Only Handle Office Moves in the Dallas Area?

While Condor Moving Systems is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we assist customers throughout the state of Texas, including Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Whether you’re looking to relocate your company to Texas or your Texas company is moving to another state, we can help with our competitively priced local and long-distance moving services. Please contact us today to request a moving estimate. We also maintain a 24-hour emergency customer line for your peace of mind.