File a Claim

To report loss or damage to your shipment, Please file your claim as soon as possible, but no later than 9 months from your delivery date for an interstate move and 90 days for intrastate moves in Texas. Be aware that the valuation protection you elected will determine your settlement amount. Do not discard any damaged items until your claim has been settled as Condor Moving Systems reserves the right to inspect and salvage those items.

Do not dispose of any damaged items as Condor reserves the right to salvage any items claimed damaged.

Documents Required To File A Claim:

  1. Completed claim form (Scroll for Claim Form).
  2. A copy of the Uniform Household Goods Bill of Lading (contract) from your move. A copy of the signed copy from the time of delivery.
  3. A copy of your Household Goods Descriptive Inventory. A copy from the time your shipment was delivered. For local moves an inventory may have not been prepared.
  4. Pictures should clearly convey the extent of the damage as well as its location on the item claimed. Provide a distance shot of the entire item with the damage visible. If necessary provide a close up picture showing the extent and nature of the damage. Please use some indicator of relative size such as a coin or a ruler. Please identify each picture and what is depicted. Unidentified pictures may delay processing of your claim.

If you obtained Full Value Replacement Coverage, you must also provide the following:

  1. Receipt proof of purchase for claimed items.
  2. Manufacturer, Model Information & Year Purchased.
  3. Repair estimates must be limited to the damage claimed; must describe work to be performed.
  4. You must declare the value you are seeking to recover for each item claimed.

If you purchased insurance through a 3rd party insurance provider:

First file a claim with the 3rd party insurance provider. They will be the primary insurance carrier and may subrogate the claim to Anthem Claim Management.

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    I am the owner of the property described. I did not cause or contribute to the damage set forth herein. All statements made in the statement of claim and any attached documents are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and constitute my complete and entire claim. No material information has been withheld. Condor reserves the right to require notarized statement or affidavit:

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