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Since 2003 Condor Moving Systems has provided the highest quality service for anyone making a local move. Condor Moving Systems is licensed by the Texas Department of Transportation to provide local moving services and insured. We are proud members of the Southwest Movers Association and hold Pinnacle Movers status which commits us to maintaining the highest industry standards as a local moving company assuring our clients that we are providing local moving services that are always efficient, reliable and safe.

We pride ourselves on being the top local moving service in Texas, outstanding in our field and highly rated by our customers. We consistently deliver excellent service before, during, and after your move. We treat your belongings like they were our own, and we treat you the way you want to be treated: with professionalism and expertise, while being down-to-earth and personable. Moving can be a stressful thing–we understand that, and we are committed to taking as much of the pain out of the process as possible, and to get you safely and securely moved into your new home. When looking for local moving services in Texas, look no further than Condor Moving Systems.

Our local moving service crews are:

Full-time company employees

This is important because you know that we are using trained people who move day-in and day-out and they’re not merely hired muscle who don’t know what they’re doing. These are people who have been fully vetted by Condor Moving Services and who we trust to move your valuables for local moves. We want you to feel as at-ease with our moving crews as possible, so we hire people who have a natural rapport and who are trustworthy and careful. Your possessions are in good hands.

Always use a minimum of a 3 man crew

We know that when you’re moving you want the job done by as many strong movers as possible, not only so that the move goes quickly and that they stay on schedule, but so that when the movers are picking up a heavy piece of furniture, they have the proper amount of manpower to get the job done safely. We don’t want to take any risks with your valuables, and when too few people are lifting, something is going to fall and break. We always bring enough people to make sure that that doesn’t happen on our watch.

Experienced professional local movers

In addition to just being vetted and trusted, our movers know a thing or two about moving people around Texas. They have moved more furniture through tight squeezes, up and down stairwells, and around corners that the job has become second nature. Not that they’ll let that go to their heads. They are concentrated on getting the job done right, safely and efficiently. On top of that, they’re local Texas movers, and means they will never get lost or delayed transporting your valuables. These are professionals.

Uniformed Texas local movers

When we wear Condor Moving Services on our uniform, it means something. Carrying the name of the company means that they represent us in all that they say and do–and we stand behind them. When you see a worker wearing a Condor uniform, you know that they’re quality.

Local packing professionals

And it’s not just moving furniture that these movers are good at: they’re also experienced packers. Not everyone needs us to pack their boxes for them, but if you want it, we are happy to oblige, and we will care for every item as though it were our own. We know how to package, wrap, and secure artworks, antiques, and heirlooms, and we do it with pride.

Custom Local Texas Moving Services

When making a local move Condor Moving Systems offers a wide variety of Texas local movers that can be tailored to meet your local moving needs. Our rates for a local move are based on a minimum charge of 3 hours of labor and 1 hour of travel; we offer binding and not-to-exceed moving quotes. Our local moving rates are based on the number of men and trucks we use to complete your local move. Our standard local moving service rates include:

Disassembly of furniture pieces

Certain furniture items cannot be safely moved without disassembly. Some examples of these items include: bed frames, dressers with mirrors attached, and two piece china hutches. Our full-time movers will disassemble these items and reassemble them upon delivery to your new home. Ready to assemble (RTA) or pressed wood furniture, bunk beds and cribs will not be disassembled by our movers. It is however recommended that you disassemble these items for safe transport to your new home. In addition, due to safety issues, we cannot disconnect, disassemble or reassemble electronics, major appliances, exercise equipment, trampolines, play grounds or swing sets.


Our crews will carefully load all your belongings into our 26 foot air-ride equipped moving trucks. Air-ride is a special suspension system that provides a smoother ride for your belongings. When all the items are loaded, straps are used to secure your belongings in the truck to insure the load does not shift during transport. Upon arrival at your new home, all items will be unloaded. Your move in Texas may be local, but we pack as tightly and secure as if we were moving out of state.

Generous blanket padding

Prior to loading, our movers will wrap your furniture with heavy duty pads to prevent nicks and scratches during the move process. At your new home, the drivers will remove these pads from the furniture and place the items in the rooms you request.


Condor will transport your items from point A to B, but there’s so much more to it than just a drive. It’s a carefully planned route that we’ll follow to avoid bumps, tight turns, and steep hills. We obey all traffic laws to the letter, and our drivers are consummate professionals.


No additional fuel charges will be added to your local Texas moving bill if the route is a little longer than planned, or if we get stuck in traffic and burn gas. The price we quote is the price you pay for fuel.


Any tolls we may acquire during the transportation of your items will not be added to your local moving bill.

Placing your furniture in designated rooms

When our movers arrive at your new Texas home they will place all your major furniture items in the rooms requested. A floor plan of your new home will be a great asset in deciding where you would like the items placed. It is a good idea for the customer to have the rooms marked as master bedroom, Johnny’s room, etc to avoid any confusion during delivery.

Reassembly of furniture pieces that were disassembled

Condor will reassemble any furniture pieces that were disassembled by our local mover to make the transition into your new home easy.

Valuation Coverage at carriers minimum liability of $0.60 per pound per article

Your estimated cost of services includes release value protection of sixty cents per pound per article for your belongings which is the minimum carrier’s liability. If any article is lost, destroyed or damaged while in your movers custody, your movers liability is limited to the actual weight of the lost, destroyed or damaged article multiplied by 60 cents per pound per article. Please contact your sales consultant if you wish to purchase additional valuation coverage for your move.

Condor Moving Systems offers a wide variety of local moving services

  • Partial-packing for any items you may need help packing
  • Full-packing for those who want to relax and let the professional pack everything
  • Short-term storage and Long-term storage solutions for those who need to move but are not ready for prompt delivery

At Condor for local Texas moves we only use state of the art moving equipment such as our 26ft moving truck. Our local moving trucks are equipped with an air-ride suspension system in lieu of conventional springs. Vehicles with air-ride are supported by a series of rubber cylinders and filled with compressed air allowing for a smoother ride for your furniture. A lift gate system is used to bring your items onto the moving truck versus the old traditional ramp system preventing any added stress to your furniture. Last but not least, all Condor’s trucks are equipped with a strapping system where straps are used to secure furniture on the inside of the moving box to prevent items form shifting during a local move. Condor Moving Systems will never use a pick up truck and trailer to move your household possessions as they are not specifically designed to transport household goods as our trucks are designed to do.

A local moving company providing local moving service in Arlington, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth and surrounding cities.

We stand behind our local moving service; from your initial inquiry for a moving quote to the careful placement of your last item by our movers; we look forward to assisting you with your upcoming local move. Please contact our sales office at toll-free 877-460-6683 or complete an online quote request to be contacted by one of our friendly Moving Consultants for further details about our local moving services.

Local and Long Distance Moving

Condor Moving Systems provides exceptional local and long-distance moving services with the most competitive rates. We have all your moving needs covered including packing, loading, transportation, storage and moving coverage.