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Corporate Relocation

In today’s global marketplace employee relocations are an essential part of the corporate culture. Offering a relocation package gives your company the competitive edge necessary to attract the most qualified candidate. Establishing a strategic partnership with Condor Moving Systems will enable your company to provide an attractive relocation package allowing you to manage this expense by providing a service that is reliable, hassle-free and cost-efficient. As preferred relocation vendor Condor will eliminate the need for multiple bids and allow your employee to receive rates and discounts that may not be available to others. Running a business is all about efficiency, while simultaneously trying to remain efficient with your time and money. By choosing Condor to move your employees, you are making yet another great business decision. The same way you minimize your costs to please your customers, we maximize value and quality to suit your employee’s needs.

Managing a business is about managing people, too. You have probably learned that as your business size increases, it becomes more and more about how to effectively manage your people and less about running the business itself. If you have a business with multiple employees it is a difficult task to move to different areas.

There are businesses out there, which demand a high level of devotion from its employees, whether you’re into research, sales, services or manufacturing. If Steve J. is meddling around with how to move his glass china cabinet, he is devoting time to not working for you thus costing your business money and resources, thus costing you money and resources.

Relocating on a wide scale doesn’t have to be a hassle – and it isn’t with Condor Moving Systems.Condor can provide customized and quality service while we control your cost.

Customized Service

Condor Moving Systems will customize our service for your company and employee’s needs. We will provide you a single point-of-contact as our team helps manage your employee’s relocation. Condor will work with you whether it’s a lump-sum, direct reimbursement or direct bill.

Quality Guarantee

Condor Moving Systems holds Pinnacle Mover status through the Southwest Movers Association a prestigious award that less than 30 out of 800 moving companies hold. Condor is a recognized ProMover through the American Moving and Storage Association giving your company and its employee’s peace of mind that you are dealing with a professional moving company.

Control Cost

We have carefully structured our business minimizing our costs so we can pass the savings on to you. Condor can save your company hundreds to thousands of dollars for every employee you relocate by not overpaying to go with a “big name” Van Line. We strongly believe that you should pay for the service and not the name. Our goal is to save your employee time during the relocation process to maximize your employee’s productivity.

Why Hire a Texas Corporate Relocation Company?

If you’re moving employees to new locations for whatever reason, it makes a lot of sense to give them every form of help possible. After all, they’re moving for the good of your organization, so asking them to simply handle all of this would be difficult. Clearly, since you’re researching Texas corporate relocation, you’re taking positive steps towards helping your team. You’ve also come to the right place, as Condor Moving Systems helps with corporate relocation services across the entire state and beyond.

Not only are you searching for Texas corporate relocation services to help your people get to their destinations with as little hassle as possible, but taking this step will also help your entire operation. Working with us will allow you to limit the time spent moving, which is how every corporate move should proceed. Below you’ll find some reasons as to why taking this approach is a benefit to everyone involved.

Value for Money

With Texas corporate relocation services, you’ll only minimize the amount of worker downtime related both directly to the move and related to other tasks. Moving requires a lot of organization, and if you work with a moving company that knows how to handle a corporate move, your employees won’t have to spend time finding a moving service, organizing moving materials and everything else that’s associated with this step. That will all be taken care of. That will free them to focus on their tasks at hand, which in turn will make them happier, healthier mentally and more productive. If a person or people are making a corporate move to start a new position with your organization, then this approach will help them arrive sooner and in a fresher state of mind.

Health and Safety

Texas corporate relocation services also allow you to minimize your employees’ exposure to potential accidents, injuries and additional problems that would directly productivity. If your employee is hurt moving from one home to another, you’re going to have to do without that person for a period of time. That’s not a good situation for anyone, so having a moving company take care of this step helps to protect those involved from undue and avoidable harm.

Cast a Wider Net

For those star assets that you want to bring into the fold, employee relocation services can help you attract top-tier talent that may be apprehensive about a big move along with starting a new position. But with employee relocation services, you can increase the size of your net and go for talent in other markets. Instead of waiting for them to button up life in a faraway place and join you in the office, you can show them your commitment with Texas corporate relocation services that won’t have them lifting a finger.

Skip the Headache With Texas Corporate Relocation

If you can afford to waste time and money asking your employee to handle his or her own move, be our guest. But if you’re at all serious about your business and the people that work for you, you won’t subject them to such a challenge. You hired them to work, not spend time organizing their own move. They’ll have enough to think about living in a new place. You can make that exciting for them by helping them get moved and settled quickly, safely and efficiently. That will help boost morale and the loyalty of your team members.

If you’re ready to make use of Texas corporate relocation benefits, both tangible and intangible, contact Condor Moving Services today to find out how we can help you.

Contact us today to see how we can help your company start saving money instantly at 877-460-6683 and speak to our highly knowledgeable staff.

Local and Long Distance Moving

Condor Moving Systems provides exceptional local and long-distance moving services with the most competitive rates. We have all your moving needs covered including packing, loading, transportation, storage and moving coverage.

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