Things to Keep in Mind When Moving Offices

Whenever you move from one office to another, it’s going to affect the daily schedule. It’s important to take a professional approach to your move, minimizing downtime by planning your move in a way that streamlines the process. When you have a specific plan, your staff will be able to get back to work quickly and your revenue stream won’t be interrupted. Here’s how to make moving offices work for you.

  • Establish a firm time frame. Choosing a specific moving date will allow you to plan all the other tasks around that date. Schedule the move at a time that won’t dramatically affect your work schedule, perhaps after hours or on the weekend.

  • Book a moving crew. As soon as you know your moving dates, schedule professional moving services. Look for a company that will give you a free itemized quote, provide references, and offer a detailed contract.

  • Plan your budget carefully. Once you have the bid from the office moving company, calculate the cost of the move. Look carefully at everything involved, including the size of your firm, whether or not the new office is move-in ready, the difficulty of moving your IT network, and whether you’ll need to buy new equipment and furniture.

  • Give everyone something to do. Even if professional packers and planners are coming to do the bulk of the work, there’s always plenty to do in office moving. Assign specific responsibilities to members of your staff so that you don’t duplicate duties.

  • Plan the pre-move carefully. Employees should be responsible for taking their personal items with them. Desks, file cabinets, and credenzas will need to be emptied, with their contents packed in cartons, so that the furniture can be easily transported.

  • Determine the layout of the new office in advance. Have each employee draw a diagram of his or her office: you can use this to determine the setup of your new office. Give a copy of your plan to the movers so that they’ll know where to put things even if you’re not there. Use the office plan to help determine which furnishings you need to replace or add to your new space.

  • Make sure your address is changed everywhere it needs to be. Moving offices requires you to change your address on state and city licenses, letterhead, tax documents, insurance policies, your website, and more. Make sure your clients, suppliers, commerce partners, and the public also know where you’re moving.

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