Corporate Relocation Tips for Easier Employee Transfers

Corporate relocation is very exciting, but it can also be complicated, both for employees and employers. If you can make the move as seamless as possible for your staff, it will be a huge boon for your business. Here are some tips for making corporate relocation easier.

  • Choose the right employees for the move. Transferring from one city to another can be stressful, but it can also be a grand adventure! When you’re deciding which employees should transfer, choose those who see it as more of the latter than the former. Create a team likely to be excited about the new location, and then give them as much information as you can to give them a feel for their new home. If possible, send them to the new location for a visit.
  • Be clear and transparent about your relocation package. Your employees need to understand your policies, including what the company will pay for and what specific relocation services will be provided. Put it in writing so that there’s no misunderstanding, and also so that your employees will have a ready reference on what to expect. Give your employees the opportunity to ask questions so that you can alleviate their concerns and help them feel comfortable with the transfer. Note: when you’re determining the parameters of your relocation package, consider any cost of living increase involved in the move and budget to help your employees settle in happily.
  • Make the move as easy as possible on your employees. Help your team with their logistical needs, giving them information about schools, childcare, housing, neighborhoods, and so on. Provide as much information as you can, digitally, if possible, to prevent them from feeling overwhelmed by paperwork. Have your HR team help employees make the transition by helping them handle the tedious details of a move, like transferring bank accounts, health insurance, driver’s licenses, and vehicle registration, as well as registering kids for school. If the area to which you’re relocating has reliable public transportation, consider purchasing passes to help your employees learn to navigate their new city. 
  • Partner with professionals to make it easy on your company, too. A professional moving company with experience in corporate relocation services can help you make sure that you and your employees have a smooth, comfortable move. When you partner with a company with a good reputation and solid expertise, you’ll know you’re putting your equipment, files, and personal belongings into good hands.

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