Smart Tips for Moving Your Clothes

As anyone who has ever moved before can attest to, packing your clothes in a concise and organized manner can seem like an impossible task. If you are someone who has a lot of hanging clothes, the notion of transporting everything across town – or the state – is daunting, to say the least. Sure, you’re brimming with anticipation and excitement of experiencing a new part of town or city, but the laundry list of things you need to accomplish can put a damper on your mood. Packing your clothes properly is of the utmost importance, as the last thing you want to deal with when you get to your new space is a tangle of hangers and an all around mess on your hands.

When moving day has finally come to an end and you are unloading all your bags and boxes, there is no worse feeling than being faced with a messy or unorganized bag. Not only will you have trouble finding the items you need, but the irritation you will feel will make things even worse. This is why it is important to pack your clothes smartly. Not only will well-organized clothes bring a smile to your face and allow you to take a big sigh of relief when it comes time to unpack, but being able to actually find your garments in a timely manner will be priceless.

All that being said, it is helpful to know how to actually pack your clothes well. If you have a lot of clothes and want to avoid any hassle, it may be a good idea to invest in some wardrobe boxes. As a local Arlington moving company, we believe in doing everything we can to help your move to as smoothly as possible. Whether you are interested in our packing services only or are looking for a full-service moving company, Condor Moving Systems is your best bet. In addition to getting some boxes that are made for transporting your clothes, be sure and take the tips listed below into consideration:

  • Plan Ahead – As with any aspect of a move, it is a good idea to plan ahead and make a checklist for moving your clothes, specifically. Before you start to clean out your closet and dresser drawers, consider making a list of items that you wear and use the most. This is a wonderful opportunity to donate or sell items that you no longer wear, as well as to discard clothes that are torn, stained, or too faded to wear in public.
  • Be Selective – Before you start to pack, you should decide which clothes you will need first at the end of your move. From pajamas to an outfit for work in the morning, be sure and keep a few items aside and pack them in a suitcase with your other essentials.
  • Aim for Wrinkle-free Packing – As mentioned above, wardrobe boxes are a convenient way to transport your clothes in order to keep them organized. Furthermore, they will also help in making sure your clothes stay pristine and unwrinkled. Whether you need to transport suits, blazers, dresses, or other items that shouldn’t just be tossed into an old garbage bag, wardrobe boxes are your best bet.
  • Consider Rolling Your Clothes – A great space-saving option for transporting your clothes is to roll them. Simply folding and stacking them one atop another may actually cause wrinkles and creases, and take up more room. By making rolls of your clothes and then packing them into boxes, you will be met with wrinkle-free clothes that you can easily unpack and wear right away.
  • Use Sturdy Boxes – Pack any sweaters, sweatshirts, jeans, pants, and other heavier items into sturdy, corrugated boxes for best results. Be sure and place the larger items on the bottom and pay attention to the weight of each box.
  • Place all Formal Clothes on the Top – This may seem like a no-brainer, but be sure and place all delicate items and formal clothes on the top of your other clothes. This will make for a much quicker unpacking job, as you can hang them up right away, instead of digging through your boxes in search of that favorite garment.

If you have any questions about our moving services or would like more packing tips, be sure and contact Condor Moving Systems today. We are here for all your moving needs!

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