Moving Pet Long Distance

At Condor Moving Systems we understand how precious and important pets are and how important it is to know how you can prepare to moving pet long distance.

We have come up with some brief information we feel will be helpful in your move locally or across state lines.

Moving Pet Long Distance – Important Things To Know

1. Make sure your pet is comfortable with travel

2. Make sure your pet has identification tags with your current information (look into a microchip which improve your chances of getting your pet back incase its lots)

3. If you are traveling across state lines a health certificated provided by a veterinarian may be required

4. If you are staying in temporary housing make sure that pets are welcome

When traveling it’s important to have keep your veteri
narian’s contact info, if traveling across state lines a listing of Pet Emergency Hospitals along the way.

Having identification for your pet such as current photo of your pet, medical records, certificate of Veterinary Inspection (health certificate), and acclimation certificate for air travel.

Most importantly don’t forget:

  1. Prescribed medicationsMoving Pet Long Distance
  2. Collar, leash, harness
  3. Crate
  4. Bed
  5. Toys
  6. Food and water
  7. First Aid Kit

Most states have laws regarding to the entry of animals it’s important to comply with these laws.

Contacting the state you are moving to and check for specific details for these laws.

Travel options for pets are either by air (accompanied/unaccompanied) or motor vehicles.

Most moving companies won’t move pets due to strict state regulations on crossing

state lines with animals and not being staffed and have appropriate facilities to supply appropriate care for pets.

Local and Long Distance Moving

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