Moving and Packing Tips for Older Adults

Are you an older adult planning a move? If it’s been a while, you may feel like you don’t know where to start. Especially if you’re moving out of a family home you’ve been in for years, moving and packing can be a big job. Not to worry! Follow these moving and packing tips, and your move will go smoothly, whether it’s local or long distance moving.

  • The first thing to do is get familiar with your new home. Especially if you’re downsizing, your new space may be significantly different from your current home. Determine how much space you’ll have in the new place, how much storage you’ll be able to use, and how closely you’ll share space with those around you. Study the floor plan and determine whether you’ll need to make modifications for safety. Once you have a handle on your new space, you’ll have a better idea of whether you’ll need to get rid of things and how you’ll need to arrange your furniture.
  • Having a plan is extremely important. Determine how you’ll organize your move. Will you use an online checklist, or do you prefer to have everything on paper? Will you color code boxes or simply label them? Start a file for any important paperwork you’ll need, including medical information. Think about things you want to rehome before the move, and how much you want to take along with you, so that you can begin taking steps to pare things down. Set a moving budget, gather supplies, and begin to research moving companies.
  • Structure your timeline by planning backwards. Start with your end date: when do you plan to take up residence in the new place? Once you’ve determined the move date, you’ll know how much time you have to work with. Two months is a reasonable amount of time for a move, and it’s important to get on the books with the movers as soon as possible, because moving companies’ calendars often fill up quickly.
  • Don’t hesitate to hire the help you need. Moving, for seniors in particular, can put undue stress on the body. You may have friends and family members willing to help you, and that’s wonderful. However, hiring a professional moving company can make your move much easier. Full service moving companies will offer services that include packing your things into boxes, loading them onto the truck, transporting them to your new place, unloading them, and unpacking them, placing furniture wherever you need it placed. If you want to simply direct the process, consider hiring movers.

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