How to Stay Organized During Your Move

Whether you are someone who moves often or have been in the same house for 30 years, staying organized during your move can prove to be quite the challenge. While moving to a new home surely has to be one of the most exciting experiences, it can also be overwhelming and emotionally draining. From making sure you have taken care of all the logistical aspects of moving to focusing on getting your pets, kiddos, and valuables to your new home in one piece, there can be a lot to think about. The best way to ensure your move goes off without a hitch is to get organized from the start.

Having a plan in place and using a moving checklist are just a couple of the ways in which you can prepare yourself for leaving your familiar surroundings and starting the next chapter in your new place of residence. Regardless of whether you are simply moving across town or to the other side of the state – or country – there are a few ways in which you can stay organized that should help you with your move. Furthermore, once you know what day you will be moving, we encourage you to contact Condor Moving Systems and schedule your move. Our local movers are not only experts when it comes to packing, moving, and staying organized, but they can help reduce your stress during this time. Whether you are moving to Arlington, within Houston, to another neighborhood in Dallas, or elsewhere in a Texas, you will benefit from our local moving services.

Without further ado, here are a handful of great tips to help you get – and stay – organized during your move:

Tip #1: Plan Ahead – One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes time to move is underestimating the amount of stuff they have. Give yourself at least a month to start packing up the non-essentials and go through your belongings. A good place to start is with out-of-season clothing, holiday decorations, spare linens, and any tools and small appliances that you don’t use regularly. Either pack up the items you want to bring with you, or make a pile for donation. As your moving date starts getting closer, you can begin packing up the items you can live without for the next week or so. Keep in mind that packing will likely take much longer than you anticipated, so it’s good to give yourself some extra room to avoid becoming too stressed out.

Tip #2: Color Coordinate Boxes by Room – Color coordinating and marking boxes according to room can be a huge time and stress saver. We recommend you start by choosing a color for each room in your new home and then labeling each outgoing box with the corresponding color. This will not only save you time, but it will help the movers and anyone else helping you unpack, too. By color coordinating each and every box, the unpacking process will go much, much smoother and you won’t find yourself frantically digging through boxes, wondering where you put something.

Tip #3: Create a “First Night Survival” Box – Before moving day arrives, pack at least one box with the basics that you will need to survive the first couple of days in your new home. Be sure and label it in a different color and make sure it isn’t packed in the back of the truck. You may want to include an overnight bag equipped with clothes and toiletries, cooking utensils, toilet paper, bathroom necessities, phone chargers, etc. As you are probably already aware, nothing is more frustrating than having to sift through multiple boxes trying to find your contact case or bathrobe!

Staying organized during a big move may seem impossible to many, but we are here to tell you that isn’t the case. By following the above tips and scheduling your move with Condor, you are much more likely to have a stress-free, organized move and actually be able to enjoy your first night in your new home.

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