How to Downsize Before Moving

There are plenty of good reasons to downsize. Maybe your kids have left home, and you want to move to a smaller place with less upkeep. It could be that you need to downsize your home for financial reasons. On the other hand, it could just be that the idea of dragging all your stuff along with you is unappealing- especially if you’re also tackling long distance moving. Whatever the case, we’ve got some tips to make it easier to downsize before moving.

  • First, figure out which big things you can do without. Determine whether you need to haul your appliances or whether the new place already has them. Look at your larger pieces of furniture with a critical eye. Do you really treasure them, or are they just things you’re hanging onto out of sentiment or utility? If you can easily replace something at the other end of your move, it might not be worth paying to move it.
  • Plan for where things will go. Create four piles: give away, donate, resale, and trash. Rehome what you can with friends and family members who would appreciate the items, and then give other usable items to charity. Reselling items is optional, but a garage sale or selling on eBay may help you finance the move. If you need to throw a large number of things away, arrange it ahead of time with your waste pickup company.
  • Start clearing things out of little used spaces. The basement, attic, spare room, and closet should be sorted and packed first. It’s likely that you haven’t used some of those things in quite a while, so it should be easy to release them.
  • Beginning with the kitchen, go through each room methodically. Determine which items you simply can’t live without, and then decide which of the rest of your things you really want to keep. Some things will be easy to let go, like duplicate items. Other things may have sentimental value and not serve much of a purpose. If your new place really doesn’t have room for something but you really love it, think about someone in your life who would treasure it as much as you do. Sometimes, finding a good home for something precious is a great way to move it out of your space. You might also want to take a picture of some of the items and write a description of each one, to hold onto the memory without holding onto clutter.

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