Tips for First Time Movers

If you’re moving for the first time, you may be equal parts excited and nervous. You probably have a lot of questions and may be feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead of you. Don’t worry! We’ve got some tips to help you stay organized and plan a low-stress move.

  • First, talk to different moving companies. Get multiple quotes and read them carefully, so you know what is included in the estimate. Don’t be afraid to ask questions- the right company will have knowledgeable, helpful professionals ready to answer them.

  • Get an onsite or virtual estimate. Some people prefer to have an onsite estimate, where the consultant can see their belongings in person. Others don’t want to have to schedule time for a stranger to tour their home. If you fall into the second category, schedule a virtual estimate, in which your consultant will be able to see inside your home without having to be present.

  • Know who you’re booking your move with. Choose full-service movers, not a broker. A moving company handles your move directly, providing special services to walk you through every step of the process. You have the option of having the movers pack your things, move them, and unpack them in your new home. A broker, on the other hand, simply arranges for the transportation of your belongings, hiring a moving company to do the work.

  • Book your move at least two weeks in advance. Further out is better, and some moving companies even recommend scheduling as far in advance as 90 days. The sooner you know your move date, the sooner you’ll be able to schedule all of the tasks that go along with a move.

  • Plan your move with moving checklists. Whether it’s local moving or long distance moving, there are plenty of tasks involved and you’ll have much to remember. A checklist keeps you on track, helping you plan everything, from which items to pack first to when to move your utilities.

  • Declutter before you pack. The more you purge, the less you’ll take with you, and the less time and money you’ll spend on the move. Donate or throw out anything you don’t need, taking with you only what’s necessary or meaningful.

  • Keep an organized inventory. Pack room by room, taking inventory as you go. Label everything clearly and consider using different colored duct tape to color code your boxes so that you can easily see where they go in the new house.

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