The Challenges of Moving from Dallas to Fort Worth

Anybody that has made the drive from Dallas to Fort Worth or vice versa knows that it is truly a journey. Whether you want to make a gamble and try I-30 or if you want to take the safe route with I-20, driving from Fort Worth to Dallas can be extremely time consuming and uncomfortable. If you are going to be spending your time between drives carefully moving and potentially damaging heavy furniture then this mundane task can become even more tedious. Condor Moving Systems is dedicated to transporting your valuables safely and quickly at your convenience.  Let us take care of the headache while you relax at your new home.

So let’s assume that you want to move from point A to point B and have a rental truck as a means of transport. You sign the rental agreement and pay the up front costs at 9am. Now you have to drive to the house to start. The drive from the closest rental lot to the house is probably 10 miles and anybody knows that driving a mile in Dallas is like trying to part the Red Sea. By the time you finagle your way through Dallas traffic, it’s 9:45am. Once you’ve loaded the truck, it’ll probably be around 10:45am.

The truck is full and you have entered the highway… Traffic is moving slower than city traffic. I-30 has over 2000 standstills per year. If you get caught in one of these standstills that happen over 5 times per day on average, forget everything you thought about the quoted traffic time, it’s much longer now.

After you’ve driven the 2 hours of stop-and-go traffic for 40 miles and are finally at the drop-off point. You spend another 45 minutes unloading your valuables and you now have an empty truck. If you’re only moving 2 rooms, you’re probably finished by now but if you have more than 3 rooms to move, you’re not even halfway done. There is some good news, though. It’s 1pm and traffic is flowing normally, so you can get back home in good time – 1 hour. Grab lunch and load up the truck one last time, it’s 3pm and you’re back on the highway – in rush hour traffic. You sit for another 2 hours and you’re dropping off your last load. Most people will be finished at this point, but 5+ rooms take 3 trips, and rush hour goes both ways on I-30.

You finally make it to the rental lot at 8pm and you’re about to pay the price you were quoted, but some damage was found on the moving vehicle that you hadn’t noticed before. Did you buy the rental insurance? If you didn’t, you’ll be hit with the full price of the repair. If you did then you only have to pay 10% of the $6,000 repair cost.

Moving is never easy, but moving should also never be this hard. Condor Moving Systems was founded to help movers avoid huge unexpected bills like these. Don’t let yourself fall victim to low price rentals and gimmicky insurance policies. If this experience sounds like something you’d like to avoid, please fill out our short information page so we can call you back with a fast and accurate quote. We would love to take the burden of moving off your hands, so give us a call today!

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