Hiring a Moving Company

Is Hiring a Moving Company In Texas Worth It?

We’ve all had bad moves before. We’ve all tried to beg our friends to come help us, looked high and low for empty boxes, and either borrowed pickups or rented a truck, and the process is uniformly miserable. Even under the best circumstances, the work is back-breaking, the moving of items is precarious, and the ability to gather resources is a logistical nightmare. And unloading is even worse: if you’re traveling a long distance you might not have anyone with you or friends in the area who are able to help you unload. You’re a stranger in a new place and you’ve already nearly crippled yourself loading the truck and now you’ve got to do all the work backwards with less help.

Fortunately, there are better ways. Hiring a moving company will save you time, stress, struggle, and make sure that all of your items arrive at your destination intact–something that your friends and their pickups can’t promise.

If you’re wondering if hiring a moving company in Texas is right for you, Condor Moving would like to offer a few ideas for you to consider.

          1. Potential Cost

The first thing that you want to consider is the cost. At first you may think that hiring a moving company in Texas is a far more expensive option, but you’d be surprised at how affordable it is, given the alternatives. If you move yourself you’ve got to invest in many things–boxes, trucks, tape, bags–but most of all you’ve got to invest your time, and time is money. The stress of packing over many nights and weekends while you’re also trying to work and take care of your family is relentless and can be untenable. Plus you have to consider the potential costs that come from inexperienced movers: when was the last time you moved and something didn’t break? As much as you try to protect your valuables, there’s nothing worse than dropping something as you’re climbing stairs, or arriving at the destination to see that the contents of the truck shifted and a priceless heirloom has been damaged. Even if it’s just broken furniture, not art or antiques, it’s still money you’re losing by trying to do it all yourself.

          2. Degree of Control

Another factor you’ll want to consider when deciding whether or not to hire movers is concerns about the degree of control you’ll have over the process. To the casual observer, you might think that you have more control if you pack the boxes and load the trucks by yourself; you know where everything is, right? You know where all your stuff is supposed to go, right? The truth is that turning the process over to a company of professionals who are experts in this kind of thing gives you more control: you’re not a worker, you’re a supervisor. You have the freedom to direct traffic and point movers to which room your items and boxes go into. You also have the control of knowing that your valuables are packed adequately, so that weight and worry doesn’t fall on your shoulders.

          3. Timeline

Finally, when you’re looking to hire a moving company in Texas you need to consider the timeline. If you’re moving yourself, you have some freedom, though not as much as you may think at first blush. You have to work around the schedules of your friends who are helping you load the truck–and you have to rent a truck, which can be unavailable on common moving days like the weekends and holidays. When hiring a professional moving company it’s true that you have to make a reservation, but if you plan ahead that’s not a big concern. All it takes is a phone call in advance and you won’t have to think about the timeline again–it’s all arranged for you.

The bottom line with regards to the question of whether or not hiring a moving company is worth it for most people is that it is. There is a bit of cost involved, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that professionals are handling your things and you’ll have the freedom to focus on any number of other tasks that need to be completed. If you’re ready to find out how we can help you, Condor Moving Systems can provide you with a quick quote. Just fill out this form and take that next step towards getting your plan in place!