Moving and Packing Ideas for your Arlington Move

When you’re preparing for your move, it’s always easier when you have less trips to make. The logistics behind moving are not easy in any sense, which is why Condor Moving Systems is around to help. Once we get your valuables to your new home; you’ll have a fresh start, and a lot of organizing to do. Use these tips to help make your new home an organized and neat place to live.

Wrap fragile and breakable items in clothes. This will help with packing as well as protecting. If you have lots of socks and silverware, stick your silverware in the socks and box it up. You’ll utilize more of the empty space in your boxes and thus have to purchase less packing materials. Also, if you’re putting away out of season clothing; sweaters will be great cushioning for dishes and will probably do a better job at protecting your fragile things. As an added bonus, you’ll save on bubble wrap and have to pack less boxes!

Visit a wholesale store before you move. If you’re lucky enough to not know what shrink-wrap is, it’s a huge roll of saran wrap that stretches and sticks to anything you stretch it to. And shrink-wrap is relatively cheap and easy to find. Most big box item and wholesale stores will have them and may even give them to you as easily as free boxes. It’s an easy solution to many problems and takes no effort to get. Wholesale item stores throw away thousands of boxes every day and most use them as an alternative method of bagging items. Next time you drive by those big box stores, stop by and grab a bunch of free boxes to make your life a lot easier.

Put your clothes in vacuum bags or trash bags. One of the easiest ways to save space is to relieve air from in between your clothes. Buying a 12-pack of vacuum bags costs about 25 bucks and boy, do they work great! You really can turn a huge closet full of clothes into a neatly sorted and organized stack of plastic! These are great for not only moving, but also keeping closets organized. When you’re finished moving, take your space saver bags and slide them under your bed so when the climate changes again, you’ll have easy access to your old clothes.

These tips will keep your new home clean and neat, and we all know that a fresh, clean start is important to any home. After Condor Moving Systems does the heavy lifting, you can take the pleasure of enjoying a home with less clutter, less mess, and more of what you like to do. The moving is easy for us and the consultation is free for you, so contact us soon for your next big move!

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