Full Value Replacement Protection vs. Release Value

The most common question I receive when discussing an interstate moving estimate with a customer is, are you fully licensed and insured? The answer is yes; however, it is extremely important to understand what this means to you – just because a moving company tells you they are fully licensed and insured does not mean your goods are fully covered as you would assume. There are two levels of coverage in regard to the liability a moving company has to their customer in the event of damage/loss; release value and full value replacement protection.

Release value (also called Basic Carrier’s Liability) is the federal minimum requirement for all household goods movers, this means your goods are covered at $.60 cents per pound per article -yes, I said $.60 cents per pound- a little shocking right? What this means for you is – if your shipment as a whole weighs 3,000 lbs (average weight for a one bedroom apartment) everything you own in the truck is only valued at $1800 ($.60 x 3000 lbs).

On the other hand, movers are required to offer a higher level of liability or Full Value Replacement Protection. This level of coverage increases a movers’ level of liability from $.60 per pound to a minimum of $6.00 per pound. Consider the same shipment referenced above- with full value replacement protection the movers’ level of liability increases to $18,000 ($6.00 x 3000 lbs).

What is the caveat here? In most cases, full value replacement protection is very expensive to purchase from moving companies-making it almost unaffordable for most people to even consider purchasing the option. In turn, customers risk sending everything they own, across the country, on a truck at release value.

What’s the good news? Condor Moving Systems offers FREE full value replacement protection on all interstate moves up to $100,000 in full coverage. This saves our customers hundreds of dollars right off the bat; not to mention gives customers the peace of mind needed when trusting a moving company with all their treasured possessions. Offering our customers free full value replacement protection is just one way Condor vows to “Carry You Home”- safely.

Call us today; we provide affordable moving for all with the peace of mind you deserve!

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