Moving Washer & Dryer Tips

Do you need to move your washer and dryer? Just like all the other important household essentials and personal items your washer and dryer must be moved properly. We often forget that there are necessary steps we need to take to warrant a safe delivery of our washer and dryer.

First, a week before you are moving you should run a rinse cycle in your washer to remove any left over detergent. The lint should also be removed along with any debris that might have gotten left behind on the last load. All traps can be removed at this time and cleaned.

Second, shut off all hot and cold water valves from the wall. If you have a main circuit breaker to these connections shutting that off as well will ensure extra safety precautions. If your unit is gas you might want to consult a professional to ensure all safety measurements are met.

Third, clean all appliances and allow them to thoroughly dry. Leave the washing machine door open for a few days to guarantee all the water is absorbed will help prevent the unwanted mildew smell.

Fourth, remove all hoses and wiring and either put them inside the unit or in a safe Ziploc bag so they all stay together and are not lost in transit. Securing the drum on the washer can prevent it from being damaged during the move. For more information visit your specific manufacturer’s website or to purchase a drum kit visit

Lastly, call Condor Moving Systems! After you have taken the necessary steps to ensure your washer and dryer will be safe during the move they are now ready to be packaged up and safely delivered to your home. Condor Moving Systems not only takes the moving hassle away from you but we can also provide third parties who specialize in prepping your appliance making it a worry-free process. Of course, following these guidelines will save you hundreds of dollars in damaged goods or even a replacement.

Local and Long Distance Moving

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