Tips and Tricks for Making Your Long Distance Move a Smooth and Easy One

Are you planning a long distance move? How exciting! It’s a major undertaking, but we’ve got some helpful tips for making it a smooth and easy experience.

  • First, hold a family meeting. A long distance move is definitely something that requires a family discussion, especially if you have kids. Explain why the move is necessary and try to address any concerns and alleviate anxiety your family members may have. Help them see the move as a not just a good thing, but also a grand adventure! Once everyone is on board, start designating tasks so everything will run more smoothly.

  • Plan a manageable timespan for long distance moving. You need plenty of time to adequately prepare for long distance moving. While the recommended amount of time to plan a short-distance move is about 8 weeks, long distance moving requires closer to 16 weeks. The more complex your move is, the more time you should allow for preparation. Determine your move date, then begin to budget and plan your moving schedule.

  • Sort your things to streamline your move. Plan to bring only those household goods that are necessary or meaningful. The more you bring, the more complicated, expensive, and challenging the move will become. Before you begin to pack, go through your belongings to determine what you can sell, give away, or throw away.

  • Carefully consider DIY vs hiring movers. Moving yourself can be difficult under the best of circumstances, even for local moves. Planning and successfully executing a long-distance move is much more complicated. You could do it yourself, gathering packing supplies, renting a moving truck and driving it yourself while also arranging your family’s transportation, arranging for someone to help you with the heavy lifting, and so on. A much more convenient way to move long distance, though, is to engage a long distance moving company. A full-service moving company will help you every step of the way, providing specialized services that make your relocation smooth and easy.

  • Plan your logistics ahead of time. Will you drive or fly? Will you need a hotel room? Keeping up with all the details of how things will work during the move is important to your success.

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