Things to Consider Before Moving to a New State

If you’re considering moving out of state, that’s very exciting! Sometimes, starting over in a new place is a great experience and a grand adventure. Long distance moving can be complicated, though, so there are some factors to consider before choosing your new home state.

  • Employment should be a priority. If you’re moving because of a new job, you’re ahead of the game! If you plan to job hunt once you’re there, do some research on the local job market. Employment opportunities can vary greatly between cities and states, so it’s important to make sure you’ll find a place to use your skills in your new locale.
  • Get some help navigating the housing market. With out of state moving, the house hunt can be tricky. Make the most of online listing sites, but look for an agent who knows the area, too.
  • Gather information about the cost of living. You might be surprised at how much the cost of groceries, gas, utilities, and other necessities vary between states. Compare your current cost of living to that of your future city, to make sure your salary will cover your expenses. The cost and availability of healthcare should also be considered.
  • Account for taxes. Taxes, too, can be very different depending on where you live. Sometimes, the local sales tax can vary between suburbs of the same metropolitan area! Determine whether your new state has income tax, how much you can expect to pay in property taxes, and so on before you move.
  • Think about your commute. Is there a reliable public transit system where you’re moving? Is it walkable? Or will you need to use your vehicle extensively? These things factor in when you’re budgeting for transportation costs.
  • Consider the culture. You want to live somewhere with like-minded people and activities you’ll enjoy. Look into the local arts and music scene and check out the area’s demographics to make sure it’s where you want to be.
  • Learn about the schools. Even if you don’t have kids, you’ll benefit from living somewhere with a good school system. Good schools raise property values, and places with good schools tend to have more opportunities for cultural and sporting events.
  • Give some thought to the weather. If you’re moving to a place that’s dramatically different from where you live now, you may need to purchase gear before you go.

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