How to Take the Stress Out of Moving with Kids

Moving can be complicated, and if you have kids, it’s even more so. Children feel safe in familiar surroundings; moving can sometimes be an intimidating prospect for them. Local moving may not be such a big deal. After all, your kids will still be able to see their friends, visit favorite places, and so on. Long distance moving, however, is another story. Moving far away from everything familiar is a major upheaval, even for adults. Is it surprising that kids can become overwhelmed? Here’s how to help.

  • Tell them right away, the right way. It’s important to tell your children that you’re moving as soon as you can, before some other adult accidentally lets this information slip. When you tell them, don’t just tell them that you’re moving away from home. Sell it! Tell them all the great things about the place you’re going, make it feel like an adventure, and get them excited about a new school, new things to do, new places to see, new discoveries to make, and new friends to meet.
  • Make it real for them. Visit the new town, if possible. Give kids plenty of information, not just about your new house, but also about the new town. If you can visit, take them to see the new neighborhood, their new school, and something interesting in the town. If you can’t, read them books about the town, show them pictures, and show them where it is on the map. Make sure to highlight all the things that make it special, and all the great features of your new home. Explain to them why you’re moving, and be specific about it, explaining the details of why and where you’re moving.
  • Don’t pack their things too quickly. Keep things familiar for as long as you can, leaving out your child’s treasured possessions as long as possible.
  • Help them take ownership of the move. Let your children help with the packing, and with decorating their new rooms. Choosing paint colors for the walls and picking out some new things to go in the room can help them feel more excited about leaving their old room behind.
  • Find something fun for kids to do on moving day. Ideally, let them go somewhere else to play, like to a friend’s house or off somewhere exciting with their grandparents. If having them offsite during the move isn’t possible, provide some fun activities from them to do that will keep them occupied and not underfoot.

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