What to Look for in a Long Distance Moving Company in Austin Texas

When you’re planning a long distance move to Austin Texas, you want to be sure that you have a quality long distance moving company on your team. While local moves might be easy enough to do yourself with a U-Haul and some hard work, when it comes to a long distance move in Austin, you’ll want to work with a professional. Why is it so important to hire a long distance moving company? Many people might underestimate the difficulty of actually executing a long distance move. For example, while packing for a short move is fairly simply, packing for long distance moves requires a great deal of care and attention to detail. Even a small packing oversight can cause major problems when you’re trying to move thousands of miles away. So, if you’re now considering hiring a long distance moving in Austin, what should you be looking for? We’ve put together what we think are some of the most important elements that can help you choose a good moving service.

  • Choose a Certified Moving Company. Not every guy with a big truck is a qualified mover! A proper long distance moving company will have licences and certifications that show you that they’re a legit operation that has experience and is able to execute your move successfully. Make sure to look online and check their website to understand what certifications they have, how long they’ve been in business, and other marks of legitimacy.
  • Get Multiple Quotes. Unless you’re moving to Bora Bora, you’ll almost always have multiple choices for your moving provider. Shop around, compare prices, and make sure you’re getting the best possible price on your long distance move. Additionally, be sure that you’re getting real quotes, in writing, based on an accurate assessment of your move. If you’re planning on moving your collection of grand pianos, make sure that your movers understand that before the offer a quote.
  • Choose a Real Mover, not a Broker. When you look online, you’ll see plenty of moving companies with nice websites. What you might not see is that many of these websites are just lead generation businesses, that will give your actual move to some local company that they have an agreement with. This can feel like a “bait and switch”, and makes it hard to understand what type of company you’re really dealing with. We suggest that when you shop around, you find a real moving company that offers full service long distance moving in Austin TX.

Hopefully these tips will help make your upcoming move to Austin a success. If you have any more questions regarding long distance moving, the team at Condor can help. Contact us today for more information.

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