Top 5 Problems Self-Movers Run Into

When comparing full service moving companies against renting a moving truck, many movers think that renting a moving truck is the best way to go when moving from one city to another. In some cases, this may be true. When moving very short distances, for example within the same apartment complex, or down the street or even in the same housing division, renting a truck could have a slight advantage in cost. Unfortunately, moving is not so black and white. Here are some examples of things many movers overlook in the planning of their move.


Having a smaller budget usually means settling for the lowest possible price point, but does it really? Imagine that you are moving last-minute and you are in a rush, or you have a few friends to help you out. The level of care in both of these cases drops when you are in a rush, or have other people who are less emotionally attached to your valuables. The thing we’re talking about here is accidental damage. Condor Moving Systems offers two insurance plans for your valuables, as well as having TXDOT certification that guarantees your valuables. If Condor Moving Systems accidentally damages your belongings, you are safe, but if you try your luck and damage your valuables yourself, all you can do then is throw them away.


What does your schedule look like? If you work a 10-hour schedule, have to pick up the kids, barely have time for dinner and have to sleep immediately, you probably can’t find the time to mess around with rental trucks. Hiring Condor Moving Systems is always your best option here.


Are you in the condition required to move your heaviest items? If you live in a larger house, consider that your bed probably came disassembled and is much heavier in one big piece than it was in the 5 boxes that it was shipped in. Opting to go with a rental truck in this case is the worst move you can make and will have the costliest penalty. Never risk your health to save a few bucks.


How large are the things you’ll move? As mentioned earlier, if you have items that were shipped in parts, you probably need to disassemble and repack your bed and some couches. Not to mention the upstairs refrigerator. Try hauling that down the stairs!

Floor Plan

The layout of your home is a deadly thing. Most architects these days don’t like sticking to the flat walls, straight and edges of the 90’s. If you have a grand staircase, don’t count on getting all your furniture outside very easily. Many homes these days are custom built and have a very elaborate floor plan to navigate.

If you have just paid a down payment on a house, it can be a difficult thing to let more money go, but when it comes down to the accidental damages and unforeseen situations, being insured with a full service moving company as opposed to having to fend for yourself will always save you. No matter what you’re doing, it’s important to research and know what costs you will incur when moving.

This is why Condor Moving Systems has a short information page to help you get a ballpark figure as to what moving will cost. Fill out our information page or call us to get an in-depth quote.

Local and Long Distance Moving

Condor Moving Systems provides exceptional local and long-distance moving services with the most competitive rates. We have all your moving needs covered including packing, loading, transportation, storage and moving coverage.