Tips on Long Distance Car Moving in Texas

When we think of moving, we usually think of packing boxes, big trucks, and heavy lifting. However, long distance moves between states can often require moving your car or other vehicle as well.

While of course it’s possible to just drive your car to your new location as part of your move, for many families this may not be ideal. Firstly, a very long drive is time consuming and inconvenient. Secondly, for those families that have 2 or 3 cars, it may be just far too difficult to attempt the drive multiple times. Finally, for those with collector cars or motorcycles, the long drive may be too risky or stressful on the vehicle. Not to mention that just putting all those miles on your car can cause unnecessary wear and tear and depreciation.

In cases like this, you’ll want to consider hiring a long distance vehicle moving company in Texas. In this post, we’ll cover a few important tips and ideas on making this move successful.

  • Decide how you want the vehicle moved. If your primary concern is just time and convenience, you can hire a professional driver to simply drive your car to your new location in Texas. However, this will still cause you to put lots of miles and wear on the car. For those concerned about mileage, the car can actually be shipped using a trailer. In that case, you want to decide between an open or closed trailer. Most vehicle transportation companies in Texas will use an open trailer, but for those who are very concerned about the condition of their cars, the closed trailer will offer more protection.
  • Understand your moving agreement in detail. You don’t want to just assume you know how the process works or that nothing will go wrong. Make sure to read your car transportation contract and understand things like who will be responsible for any damages to the car, where exactly the car will be delivered on arrival, and what guarantees you have on timing and costs.
  • Research a professional vehicle moving company. Usually you will find that there are many companies in your area that will offer car moving services. Be sure to look around, get multiple quotes, and choose a company that offers a good price while also having a good reputation and the appropriate licences and insurance policies.

Ultimately, relocating your vehicle in Texas can be a complex process, but by doing your research upfront, you can really improve your odds of having a successful and problem-free move. If you’re looking for more advice on vehicle relocation in Texas, the team at Condor Moving Systems can help. We serve clients throughout the state of Texas, including cities like Arlington, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Allen, Richardson, San Antonio, and more. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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