Tips for Household and Residential Moving in Arlington

So you’ve decided to move and that you’re going to hire qualified movers to do the heavy lifting and hard work. Great! There are some things you have to take note of and some headache savers you should follow to make your Arlington move as easy as possible. While you’re waiting for Condor Moving Systems to show up and move your valuables, make life easier on yourself by following these tips. Color coding and labeling clear bins is essential. When you’re moving, you don’t have time to take a box out of the moving van, lug it to the living room, open it up, find out it should be in the bathroom, lug the box to the bathroom, find out it actually belong in the bedroom… It’s just too much to carry around and too much head and backache for you. Having clear bins means you can see everything inside, which means you know exactly where everything goes before you unpack them. If you don’t want to go out and buy clear bins, get a few rolls of colored duct tape and color code your boxes with a 6 inch strip of tape.

Make your last grocery-shopping spree two weeks before you move. The further away from your move date you shop, the less you’ll have to throw away, the less money you waste. Plus, if you run out of food the two nights before you move, you’ll get to treat yourself to a night out! Hopefully you’ve already finished everything and you’re not packing last-minute. And when you get to your new home, make sure you’ve got nothing in that fridge or else you’ll open it up to a nasty surprise. Take pictures of your old home and your new home. This is important for you and can save your deposit if you’re renting. It’s easy for a housing complex to claim that there weren’t holes in the walls or that there weren’t stains on the carpet and charge you hundreds for things that didn’t actually happen. Taking pictures of your new living area will help prevent things like that from happening to you. And if you’re planning on selling your home, you probably want to take the best pictures you can to get a better sale, than some relator’s flip phone camera. Clean your new house before you move in.

Even if your house is already cleaned, you should scrub it yourself so you understand what your baseline of cleanliness is. And doing this gives you a chance to get to know your new place better. It will reveal to you some things you may have missed when selecting your home and some things you didn’t expect. Plus, you never know what has crawled across those surfaces the night before. While getting a new place to live is great, it also requires a huge responsibility and effort from everybody involved. Taking on these challenges by yourself may be too difficult and Arlington’s Condor Moving Systems is here for you! Take a moment on this page to review the benefits and insurance coverage to see just how much we can save you and when you’re ready, give us a call to schedule your move. It’ll make your life a lot easier and it doesn’t cost a cent for a consultation, so contact us now!

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