Rentals Trucks – How They Help and How They Hurt You in Arlington

Arlington is a very upscale area and has many different venues harboring different types of people, stores and activities. Arlington is also conveniently located within Texas, providing its residents with easy access to the larger neighboring cities such as Dallas and Fort Worth. It has great proximity to the airport and is relatively close to out of state travel to Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico. Living in Arlington is a great experience as it offers a perfect balance between country living and city life. Moving however is not the same story. Whether you are local or out of state, moving here can be a headache. In this blog, we will cover the basic pros and cons hiring of rental truck companies.

Rental trucks are convenience-centric, and that’s how they get you

When you move using a rental truck in Arlington, you should note how far you are actually driving in order to get an idea of how much the charge will be. Truck rental companies that let you haul your items charge 79 cents per mile. The distance from South Arlington to Dallas can be up to 50 miles, and if you are moving more than 2 rooms, you could be looking at one two-way trip per move. With a round trip of 80 miles per trip, you would be looking at $70 each round trip, so a house with 5 rooms can take up to $400 to move. Don’t forget the amount of time it will take to actually carry your things to and from the truck. And if you damage your items… See our point?

Rental truck companies make you move their way, not yours

If you want to use a 20’ truck and there is not one available in your area, you have to drive out to where one is, meaning you may have to drive a considerable distance and spend money on mileage. Don’t forget, you are being charged by the mile, so you could be wasting unnecessary time and money driving out to their facilities. To go along with rental fees and mileage, you should consider purchasing insurance for the truck you are renting, which is usually a flat rate of $30, or you could opt to go without insurance, knowing the fact that the truck you are renting has a price tag of up to $45,000.

Whether you like to do it yourself or would rather skip the headache of moving and hire Condor Moving Systems, you should always consider the facts about rental trucks. Yes, they do offer convenience but they can’t always fulfill it. They also offer low rates for local moving but for out of state moving, the prices can be unreasonable. Finally, moving with Condor Moving Systems gives you the peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe and comes with the luxury of not having to lift a finger for your move. If you are ready to make your move, please fill out our short information form and we will contact you very soon.

Local and Long Distance Moving

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