Plan Your Move Out Day

Moving is definitely a complex process, whether it’s local or long distance moving. In order to do it efficiently, you need to make a move out plan and be strategic about your move. Staying organized will make moving day go much more smoothly, so that your move won’t be too stressful.

  • The minute you know you’re moving, start planning. Set a moving date, gather packing materials, and begin researching movers. Plan daily packing projects until your moving day.
  • Get started packing as early as possible. Begin by decluttering, then pack nonessential items so that you’ll have less to do as moving day approaches. Get on the moving company’s schedule as soon as possible because their calendars tend to fill up early.
  • Decide where you’ll find help. Do you have friends or family who will be willing to help you move? Make sure they’re available. Find out which services your moving company offers and decide what you need. A full service moving company will typically provide everything from packing to moving to unpacking and setting up furniture, so it’s up to you to decide how much assistance you need.
  • Pack things separately that you’ll need immediately. Pack each family member a suitcase with essential clothes, toiletries, and medications. Pack a box with sheets, towels, paper products, and cookware that you’ll need as soon as you get to your new home. By keeping these things separate from what’s going on the moving truck, you’ll avoid having to dig around for what you need while you’re worn out from the move. It’s also smart to pack snacks and drinks you’ll want to have on hand on moving day.
  • Get your things ready for the movers. If you’re taking large appliances, make sure they’re ready to be transported. Have washers and dryers serviced ahead of your move, and empty and unplug your refrigerator and freezer at least 24 hours before the movers arrive. If you’re packing your own boxes, have them ready before the movers arrive.
  • Dispose of hazardous chemicals that can’t go on the moving truck. This includes things like cleaners and propane tanks, but you should check with your moving company for a complete list.

If you have little ones, make a moving day plan for them. It’s best to have small children and pets out of the house when the movers are there, so try to plan for them to go somewhere fun. Alternately, hire a babysitter to keep them out of the way of the movers.

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