Great Tips for Seniors Downsizing Their Home

There comes a time when it is necessary for senior citizens, retirees, and the elderly to downsize and move into a more appropriate and accessible home. Whether this means an assisted living facility or a smaller, one-level home, this process can be stressful and emotional for many. Moving to a nursing home, assisted living facility, or retirement community oftentimes requires a lot of time for preparation and planning in advance, as it is likely there won’t be nearly as much space for all of the belongings you or your elderly loved one has compiled over the years. Furthermore, many seniors find it difficult to pack up and leave the place they have grown to love, especially when moving to an unfamiliar environment. Because of this, it is extremely important that you take the necessary steps to prepare for a stress-free and smooth move.

Downsizing is something that most people have to come to terms with when moving to a smaller home, and this is particularly true for seniors. With this, many find this process overwhelming, especially when coupled with the idea of transitioning to a senior housing facility. This is where Condor Moving Systems comes in. We are a full-service Fort Worth moving company who is committed to taking the pressure off of you and ensuring your move is done right. We offer a wide range of moving services, including customized packing, short and long-term storage, and unpacking services. If it has come time for you to move an elderly parent or loved one, give us a call and let us do the hard part.

Here are a few helpful tips for moving senior citizens from Condor Moving Systems:

  1. Have a floor plan of your new home handy – By being able to visualize your new space, you will have a better idea of how much furniture can fit. This will help you determine what items to bring and which larger pieces you may need to sell or donate.
  2. Start to go through your belongings early on – Downsizing can be both physically and emotionally exhausting, which is why it is important to start going through your stuff – or your loved one’s – well before moving day. There will likely be many belongings that have accumulated over the years that shouldn’t be squeezed into the new home, so take your time and have someone help you decide what goes and what stays.
  3. Come up with a sorting system. A good recommendation is to use colored stickers or sticky notes to identify items that are going with you, to someone else, or elsewhere. You can use the sticky notes to write the person you intend to give the item to on it, or make a list of potential recipients and match them up with items on a sheet of paper.
  4. Focus on one area at a time – It can be easy to get distracted and jump around from room to room when going through your stuff, but breaking it into smaller chunks by focusing on one room at a time will save you time and frustration. This will also help you stay organized, especially if you set aside a chunk of time each day to work on going through your stuff.
  5. Let the movers do the packing – A professional moving coordinator like ours at Condor Moving Systems are a wonderful resource that will keep you from getting too stressed or overwhelmed. Our customized packing services mean that all your dishes, linens, pictures, keepsakes, and more will be perfectly organized, labeled, and ready to be unpacked in your new home.

Moving can be a daunting experience for anyone, let alone senior citizens; by following the above tips and hiring a professional Fort Worth moving company, you will be in better shape come moving day.

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