A Witty Little Ditty | The Moving Song

You’re moving again, where do you begin?
You can’t depend on kin, their patience runs too thin
Here we are to make your day, so don’t get queasy
We’re gonna make your move easy!
No need to panic, just because your move’s gigantic
Condor is the solution, there is no substitution!
We’re the mover, to haul your Hoover
Don’t dismay, we’re just a call away
We’ve got what you need, no reason to plead
We’ll do the packing, you do the slacking
You won’t even have to buy a box to pack your sox
So don’t get dizzy, or put yourself in a tizzy
Call us today, and put your worries away
Hooray hooray, we’ll help you today!
By: Maj Masri

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