5 Minor Details That Can Turn Into Major Problems When You Move

You would think that moving from one place of residence to another is a simple task, and it is at the surface. Sometimes the hardest work doesn’t present itself until you stumble upon it. These problems can be anything from an annoyance to a lasting problem that follows you forever, as we cover it in this blog.

Your loaned out items

If you were a good neighbor and lent the Johnsons your expensive pruning saw so they didn’t have to go and buy one for their one tree, you should probably check back and ask if they still have it or if you owe them any items as well. Having happy neighbors can sometimes mean the difference in the sale of your Dallas home.

Your secret places

Remember that time 4 years ago when you found that compartment in the attic that opens to put your emergency savings in? Of course you don’t because it’s a secret compartment. You’ll be surprised to find all the secret spots that you used to put your personal belongings in. You may even find yourself a little bit richer or a little bit happier by doing this extra sweep of the house.

Sleeping arrangements

When you’re moving from place to place you sometimes forget about the essentials. Eating properly, taking a break from the stresses of moving and sleeping are just a few things to name. If you’ve hired Condor Moving Systems, you’ll know for a fact that your bed was packed last, meaning you get to sleep on your own mattress when you’re all moved into your Fort Worth home.

Mail, electric, and water

In recent years, identity theft and fraud have been a huge concern, especially in the Arlington area. Moving is a prime way to have your identity stolen. If you’re planning on changing your residence, you have to be sure that all your mail is redirected to the new residence. If you’re renting an apartment, somebody else could be moving in as soon as the very next day after you leave. If you forget to change your address you could find that your credit card information could be in somebody else’s less-than-honest hands. Make sure that the postal service knows you are moving and that your mail will be delivered to the correct places each day that you will be moving.

Personal records

Your Social Security Number is something that is permanently assigned to you. If you lose that, you don’t get to change it. This is something that you can’t take a “Just got with it” approach on. If you ever lose your social security card, you need to first find out where it may be, request a new one, and then make a strong effort to find the old one. This isn’t like a credit card where you can just cancel the old card and have a new one assigned to you.

If you’re moving anywhere to or from Dallas, you should be sure that these things are covered and that you don’t have any hiccups going from place to place. Moving is stressful enough as is, and the last thing you need is to add more fuel to the fire. If you have any questions about Condor Moving Systems’ fine work, feel free to fill out our short information page, and we will contact you regarding the your move whether it is last-minute or planned; down the street or long-distance.

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